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'Lover' T-Shirt - Glamorous via ASOS // Black Kick Flare Jeans - Topshop // Pattern Bikini Top - H&M // Orange Sunglasses - H&M //
White Boots - RAID via ASOS // Red Midi Dress - Nobody's Child // Basket Backpack - Zara // Contrast Seam Skirt - New Look // Blue Jeans - H&M //
Face Earrings - H&M // Checked Slip Ons - Vans via ASOS // Pattern Bikini Bottom - H&M

This wish list is the brainchild of dreaming of warmer, sunnier weather, mixed with simultaneously doing all I can not to hand over my paycheck in it's entirety to ASOS, H&M, Topshop and other high-street juggernauts. The age old tactic of living vicariously through the wish list.

Thank the weather gods that the snow has cleared, so at least looking at sunglasses and bikinis doesn't seem quite as strange.

However, as you may have noticed, this wish list is not a one trick pony - it has another sneaky lil theme.

I've said it before and I'll most likely say it again. I am not, by any stretch, a colourful dresser. My cousin has genuinely said the following words to me:

"Why are you so obsessed with grey?!" 

So, in a bid to not be so infatuated by grey clothing that people feel the need to comment on it, I'm taking on red.

(Yes, I just put the colour red in red font, in case you forgot what the colour red looks like.)

What sparked this change of heart? I hear you ask. Well. It can, in part, be traced back to when I found the gorgeous red floral Nobody's Child dress and felt a thing that I've never felt so strongly about a coloured piece of material - L.O.V.E.

p.s. sorry that my faffing around before uploading this means that the wonderfully printed H&M bikini is now sold out. Believe me, I'm just as sad as you are.. *insert teary emoji*