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Monki has been one of my favourite brands since I discovered it back before it hit the likes of ASOS. The cuts, fabrics and prints are all that perfect mix of simple with interesting - the perfect paradox. So with it already in great standing for me, seeing their new venture Monki Cares pop up recently got me even more excited.


This new section of their website outlines their ethos for becoming more and more sustainable; an idea that the rest of the fast-fashion industry is almost (don't worry H&M, I haven't forgotten about your Conscious Collection) entirely lacking.

'Monki Cares is about being kind to the world and empowering the people in it'

Their aims are to have only 100% sustainably source cotton by 2020 and to only be using recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

To help them along the way, they've launched recycling programs in stores globally. All the favourite Monki denim pieces are made from 100% organic cotton too.

Check out their video HERE

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