ISN'T THIS SKIRT AMAZING. I love it, I'm so excited to wear it, there are been so many outfit combinations I've tried it out with and it's just gorgeous. Sorry for that little outburst. But also not sorry. Gingham is definitely a trend I am fully on board with, not only that but the frill detail makes it extra special. Gotta love some frills.

This gorgeous dark MAC lipstick is the shade Cyber a super dark purpley colour. But the real reason I'm so excited about this addition is, it was FREE. Kinda. The cash-back website Quidco ran an sign up offer for a MAC lipstick of your choice totally for free (via cash-back). Unfortunately the offer has expired now, but definitely one to keep an eye out for as they often run special sign up promos.

Technically it isn't especially new in, but my cute Anthropologie candle is a firm favourite of mine at the moment. It's lemon scent isn't one I'd have initially chosen but it's so refreshing and fills the room perfectly. I can't get enough.

Finally my little copper pineapple trinket pot/shot glass (depending on the day of the week, obviously). I have had a crazy love of pineapples for longer than is probably healthy. This little guy is perfect to add to my collection, and makes a pretty good blog photo prop too!

ellie x