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Straight up, I am in love with everything on this wishlist.

Around this time of year I get that irresistible itch to do a complete wardrobe overhaul for a fresh new start for a new season. Yes I know, Autumn isn't quite here yet; as the weather has been reminding us on and off. 



You have no idea the excitement I have to be back in jumper weather. I love the summer, I really do, but by the end I just start to crave that cosy, warmth of one of the many many jumpers collecting dust in my wardrobe over the slightly warmer summer months in Britain. 

As you can tell, the high neck trend is still a massive YES from me, cannot get enough of it still. I love Zara's high collar blouse, the cute Victorian/Edwardian feel adds something so interesting. Something you can always rely on Zara for are their beautiful bags and of course this season, yet again, they do not disappoint. I've seen this feather detail bag everywhere, but classic cliché blogger of me it's caught my affections too.  

I love me a mini-skirt so nothing has made me happier than the reappearance of the denim skirt. The sheer number of denim skirts I had back in the day was quite something. This Topshop high-waisted number has hit the nail right on the head for me, the perfect subtle update with the classic denim skirt charm. 

Another highlight of this wishlist is H&M's amazing girly twist on the bomber jacket - yet another trend that seems to be refusing to fade away - adding the satin giving it an almost Pink Ladies feel. 

All this pastel pink with the camel and deep burgundy reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. I think it's the perfect transitional tend from light and summery to darker and warmer winter styles. 

What's on your AW16 wishlist?

ellie x