Back in March me and five of my uni pals went off to Budapest for my housemates birthday. For such an amazing (and cheap!!) city, I'm so annoyed at myself for not going sooner, and would definitely jump at the chance to go back. Here are some of my highlights and things you should do while you're there, in my usual fashion of course just a few months late.

St Stephen's Basilica 

The outside is a spectacle in itself, so definitely one to wander over to even if you don't go inside - which I didn't end up doing, but a friend did reporting that it was incredible. Although she does have a slightly odd love of churches, so could be biased. (Yes Emma, you know what I'm talking about.)

A Walking Tour

Slightly less specific, but the city has so many hidden and not so hidden gems that you might not get to see otherwise. I genuinely feel doing a walking tour is one of the best ways to see a city, and make you feel more comfortable in your temporary (or maybe not so temporary) surroundings. Plus it makes navigating your own way round soo much easier! 

The Chain Bridge and the River Danube 

Along your walking tour, this'll most likely tick this off too. It's one of the many the famous landmarks Budapest has to offer, and when you see the magnificent thing you'll probably guess why. Definitely one to go back and see in the evening too, the lights are serious fairy-light envy. 

The Buda Side of the river

As you may or may not know, Budapest is actually made up of 'Buda' and 'Pest' on either side of the river. We stayed on the Pest side however the Buda side is another treasure trove of beautiful places. The incredible roof of the church above was just amazing to see in person, it almost looks embroidered, such a beautiful contrast to the rest of the building. 

Fisherman's Bastion

Continuing on the fairy-tale theme of the Buda side of the Danube, the architecture here was just stunning (can you tell I'm running out of words how to describe things?) all rolled in with views of the Parliament Building. But come on, who doesn't love a turret?

Gellért Hill

Okay this is a bit of a trek, but the views definitely make up for it. And it could be a lot worse. Again on the Buda side of the river, it gives you a view of, well, everyone there is to see in Budapest really. PLUS there are slides on the way up, so that's always a plus for the children within us all. 

And the rest...

Heroes Square
First up a warning - if you're going to take pictures next to the statues keep an keen eye/hand on your bag. Unfortunately this is a warning due to our own mistake, leading to one of our bags being taken. That aside, the huge expanse of Heroes Square is pretty spectacular, and easily reachable by their metro. Another warning - make sure you stamp your metro ticket, or you'll get fined. Another one to learn from our mistakes. Oops! 

Ruin Bars 
Budapest’s infamous bars created literally in ruin buildings. They’re crazy, absolutely mental but some of the best fun. Think Alice In Wonderland, but even weirder. Just. Insane.

A Spa - Rudas Baths roof top pool

Another of Budapest’s main attractions, thermal spring (there are 125 springs under the city?!) baths and spas. We has a lovely day of relaxation, in the Rudas Baths which had the coolest roof top hot tub. There are so many other baths too, some do parties throughout the summer, which looked incredible but sadly we didn't make it. 

ellie x