#bloggersball, beauty, collaboration, hair, hair oil, haircare, shampoo, sponsored, Vatika,
#bloggersball, collaboration, sponsored, Vatika, haircare, hair, shampoo, hair oil, beauty,

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I was lucky enough to attend Scarlett London's #BloggersBall a few weeks back. At the event, along with a multitude of other amazing companies was Vatika. Now I'll be honest, I genuinely had never heard of it until the event, but their lovely representatives gave out a few products of theirs to try. 


Oh my god, this makes my hair SO SOFT. It's incredible. I was worried it'd make my hair a bit too moisturised and leave residue, but there's literally none at all. It left my hair with the 'hairdresser-clean' feeling. You know that feeling after getting a haircut where your hair has never felt as clean? That feeling.  


This will literally last me years. My hair is mildly dry at the ends, but only needs the tiniest slither of this otherwise it'll dry waxy and greasy. I think for more wiry, drier hair a slightly larger dose would suffice. But the smell. Oh. Wow. The smell. It makes your mouth water. Plus even with the tiny amount I use in my hair, the fragrance sticks around.

ellie x

*Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration post, including PR samples. See my full disclaimer HERE