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You know those annoying Facebook ads that are mingled in with your News Feed trying to be sly? Usually they're highly uninteresting and useless from my experience. Except when one popped up featuring Nobody's Child. And I may have just been living under a rock, but it's a brand I've never heard of before now. 

The best way I could describe it is in the title: the UK's answer to Brandy Melville. Their style is very very similar, lots of basics and muted colours, but just a fraction of the price us Brits have to shell out for Brandy Melville here in the UK. Plus the added bonus of having varying sizes, rather than this 'One Size Fits All' malarky. 

So these are my favourites from my new discovery, and despite having very little money as it is and desperately trying to save money, I may have placed an order too. Oops. 

ellie x