So we covered how I'm going to get my body co-operating in my last NEW YEAR, NEW ME? post featuring SlenderToxTea, however today we're going to discuss the situation that is my face. 

It ain't pretty

One too many nights out and one (or 10) too few nights ending in cleansing properly, have led to the uneven, scarred and discoloured painting that it is today. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad, but something definitely needs to be done. 

Even those of you (like myself), who aren't into beauty/skincare as some bloggers will have come across a contraption like this before. The not-so-humble cleansing brush. They've always looked a bit scary to me to be honest. But then I scare at the toaster popping up, so who am I to talk. 

Magnitone's BareFaced! face cleansing brush is 'Vibra-Sonic'. What the heck does that mean? It means that it uses a combination of sonic oscillations and electromagentic vibrations to create an energising 'skin workout'. Basically it cleans your skin really really well. 

It's waterproof, wireless, has a wireless charger, comes with a brush protector and bag, has interchangeable brush heads, comes in three pretty colours and is recommend by over 500 beauty writers, GoodHousekeeping and The Beauty Awards.

Just as with my SlenderToxTea post, I will write a follow up after a few weeks of using the Magnitone BareFaced! so you can read all about my impressions after testing. Stay tuned!

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ellie x

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