Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for my quietness recently, I’ve been that clever kid who leaves all of their revision plus an essay to the last minute. As I always do. Hahahaha… (just laughing through the tears).

So I’ve not left you with no ramblings to read for too long I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite blogs and websites. These are the tabs I’ll have up when I’m procrastinating, or need a break from all the Uni work and need something pretty to look at and easy to browse.

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Maddy Cane

All of Maddy's pictures are just absolutely gorgeous! Aside from that, she is such an inspiring blogger who makes me so motivated to look after myself/my skin/my health. 

lifestyle, fashion, beauty, Isabella Thordsen, favourites, current obsession, blogs, websites,

Isabella Thornsden

Isabella is an ASOS Stylist who I originally discovered via Instagram. Her style is literally what I dream my style could be. Her photos are absolutely stunning too. 

lifestyle, fashion, beauty, Style Confessional, favourites, current obsession, blogs, websites,

Style Confessional 

Another gal who's style I seriously seriously crush over. I genuinely end up looking at every one of her new outfit posts - every single one is just so gorgeous. 

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Cosmo genuinely has a bit of everything. There are some really interesting ‘real life’ articles. Plus some great fashion and beauty features too and many many listicles

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Hannah Gale

Hannah's style of writing is just hilarious, so many listicles that are perfect to send to friends captioned 'This is so us!'. Along with loads of pretty wish lists, fashion and beauty.  

lifestyle, fashion, beauty,Stylist, favourites, current obsession, blogs, websites,


Introduced to me very recently by my cousin - similar to what I love about Cosmo's website but maybe a bit more grown up? Plus some serious style/travel/beauty/general inspiration.

ellie x