Autumn Winter Wishlist featuring ASOS, New Look, The Great Frog, 70's style, snake print boots, silver shoes, animal print,

This is kind of a birthday wishlist too I guess, so take note people. Also it's just dawning on me that this is almost entirely ASOS/New Look - oops. I'm loving the animal prints at the moment, as you can probably tell. I'm going for simple pieces for this A/W with animal print/textured detailing. I'll stop sounding like a wannabe fashion industry gal now, promise. 

I'm currently in a weird in-between-job-situation so realistically I can't really afford to be buying anything other than the essentials right now. Plus trying to save for holidays/post-uni-plans, so from now on there will probably be many more wishlist/stuff I already own, rather than new in/haul posts. 

However, saying that, I've actually just got my hands on some over the knee boots (payday treat, okay?), which are amaaaaaazing. They will definitely be featuring in a post very soon. Stay tuned. 
ellie x