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I thought I'd branch out from my usual fashion/lifestyle theme. I've just been sat on my lonesome for a while thinking about the world of blogging, how much I love it, but how much there is behind the exciting emails, events and even collaborations with amazing brands. These are my four top things people don't tell you about blogging, wether you're a newbie, have never written a blog before or even been at it for years.. 


Blogging is bloody hard work. Seriously. I'm sure many people who don't own a blog think - much as I thought before I created ellie etc - "Blogging seems a piece of cake, easy peasy. What are these people talking about?!". Just no. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging, otherwise I wouldn't be here tapping away on my keyboard trying to think of the best posts to share with you guys. But the networking, the countless social media accounts, the subtle but very real demand for new and unique content. It's bloody tiring. 


You most probably won't be highly skilled with a prefect looking blog straight off the bat. It really takes a lot time, and effort to get your template to co-operate, for your content to be in the niche you want it to be in, for your follower numbers and page views to start to climb. ellie etc has been around since late 2012 (eek!) but I still consider myself as fairly 'new' as only recently I've been putting in much more time and effort. But it seriously shows results. 


For some it may seem as though bloggers always have the new 'it' thing. But you don't have to have all the new stuff/a tonne of money to constantly be buying new things to put on your blog. I won't deny that there are pressures to always have new stuff, from seeing other posts of hauls and a new outfit every other day, but new content does not have to mean buying new stuff. You can create so much content with stuff you already own. There are loads of great posts for ideas floating around the internet, some great ones are HERE, HERE and HERE. There is so much you can do without having to hit the shops every day of the year and subsequently find yourself 1000s of pounds overdrawn. 

advice, blogging, ideas, lifestyle, list, tips, things people don't tell you about blogging, bloggers,


For me, I love writing primarily about my personal style, but also fun things I do and places I go to on days out, food I eat, songs I'm listening to; basically just my life. But just because almost all the blogs you read/come across are writing in a particular theme, doesn't mean you have to. I have friends who write book reviews, travel diaries, guides to student life, and thought provoking articles about present day life and things going on in the media at the moment. At the end of the day, your blog is your own personal piece of the internet, somewhere you can write/post anything you want to do. Don't conform to standards if you're not interested in or feel passionately about them. 

Phew, that was another long one wasn't it? Not used to this much writing.. On a slightly more upbeat note, I would just like to reiterate how much I honestly do love blogging. Despite the sometimes more bleak sides to it, it's one of my absolute favourite past times and love investing my time and effort into it. It's just so exciting.

Let me know in the comments if you liked this style of post and would like to see posts similar to this and my 7 Things To Expect From Freshers more regularly here on ellie etc. Do you have anything you'd wish someone had told you about blogging? 

ellie x