After 9 months of living in York I finally managed to sneakk in a trip to the outlet (thanks to one of my housemates who has his car here!). Dream. Come. True. I adore outlets. To be perfectly honest with you, the main reason I bought these was due to the gorgeous packaging. I think I'm a magpie, I'm just so attracted to shiny things. An additional bonus is that they smell divine, and seem to work really well too. 
New In, haul, topshop, jacket, white, leather, collarless
JUST. I'm just. Just this. I'm just so in love with this. I've been dying to get a white jacket for ages, just to make a difference from my never-ending black and grey wardrobe. Having vouchers left over and this beauty being reduced to £35 I just couldn't stop myself. One of my friends bought it as well, because twinning is always fun isn't it? 

New In, haul, fedora hat, h&m

Other beauty I've been after for too long. I bought one online recently which was sadly too small for me due to my giant head, it's for sale on my depop HERE if anyone fancies taking a look. This one was featured on my most recent wish list HERE. Last time I was in town I decided it was time. Definitely a decision I do not regret, I can basically chuck it on with anything. 

ellie x