Hasn't this recent weather been absolutely gorgeous?! If you don't live in England or in the South you possibly will not know how lovely the weather has been recently! I have to tell you this Vitamin D has put me in such a great mood, it's so lovely and refreshing not to have to wrap up loads before you leave the house. 

Anyway, this wishlist is sort of to celebrate this weather - hence the crop top and shorts, I'm going all out!
I really fancy myself wearing blazers this year, I love all the looks I've seen other bloggers create with them. However I haven't ventured into buying one yet, I need to find the perfect one (which this white one may just be!).

Another big feature of this post is the gorgeous earrings (Number 3). They are from a fabulous website called Lydali which has recently been brought to my attention. Not only are all the products on their website absolutely stunning, but you can find out exactly who produced each piece and where they're from. So you know exactly what your buying and where it's come from, each piece has it's own story - which I personally think is so much more exciting than buying a mass produced product, which you have no idea where it's come from. The lovely people at Lydali say 'products are inspired by the beauty found in remote areas of the globe', they're all unique and so gorgeous. Meet the producers here and buy the lovely products here

I will definitely be getting my hands on at least one piece as soon as pay day rolls along! Any purchases will be blogged about as soon as they arrive, don't you worry. Eek I'm so excited already! 

Have any of you bought anything from Lydali before? Or will you be buying something soon? Let me know!