Both Xtras-Online - left here; right here

First off, let me tell you all about this AMAZING website where I found these beauties! It's one of those discount beauty websites going by the name of Xtras-Online. It sells hundreds of famous brands for discounted prices - and when I say discounted, I mean discountedThese two Essie polishes for example £3.99 a pop! The RRP being £9.95, this is not a deal to be missed! Plus, the postage is free for orders over £10 so even more reason to grab yourself some bargains. 

So these two particular polishes I picked up are such cute spring shades, you may have already seen the picture on my Instagram if you're following me (if not there's a link at the side or at the bottom of this post!). 

The nude shade on the left is called 'A Crewed Interest' and the lilac shade on the right is called 'To Buy Or Not To Buy'. I've instantly fallen in love with both of these shades, Essie is such a lovely brand and the quality is as brilliant as always!

What are your favourite Essie colours? Or favourite Spring nail polish colours in general? Any recommendations for Spring colours or other Essie shades? Comment below and let me know! 

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