So as you may already know, I have a pretty limited collection of footwear consisting mainly of my new boots (swoon - yes, still), my spiked slippers (which I am also in love with still) and some converse-esque trainers. So I am in desperate need (okay maybe not desperate need but I could do with some more!).

So here are some options I've come up with - for myself or anyone else in my position - that would fulfil the my shoe needs and fill the shoe shaped hole in my heart..

Bit far? Yeah, okay, went a bit far with that one..
Sigh, a girl can dream hey? Sadly my bank (nor wardrobe) would be able to stretch this far. Let the bargain hunting and eBay trawling commence! 

Are any of you lucky enough to own any of these gorgeous shoes? Or are you more like me, wistfully lusting after a pair (or two), knowing deep down they will never be yours? 

Oh wow, I really am going full on with the emotional drivel today..