Here we have the final part of 3 ways to wear colour-pop knitwear! Part One can be found here and Part Two here.

The jumper was from Boden via eBay Outlet but there a few very similar in Topshop at the moment herehere and here.  

Mud courtesy of me + fields
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - New Look
Anklets - Turkey and made by myself
This is such a chilled outfit, the kind I just chuck on if I'm in a rush or have very little effort levels for picking out an outfit. Plus it's so comfy and warm (excluding my ankles, haha!). These jeans were also featured in my Christmas Present post, and have quickly become favourites of mine as they are nice and stretchy so don't pinch behind your knees or anything nasty like that. 

As you can see this jumper photographs a different colour almost every time! But I promise you it's the same jumper each time.. 

So there we have it, I hope you've all enjoyed my 3 part post as much as I have making it! And I hope it's helped you either pluck up the courage to buy a brightly coloured jumper or given you some ideas of how to style one you've had lying around. 

Which was your favourite look: Going-Out, Smart or Casual?