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I love a good chat so don't be shy, drop me an e-mail! I love talking to new people, discovering new blogs and chatting to other bloggers. 

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ellie etc is a PR friendly blog, however I will only accept products which I feel fit the content and theme of ellie etc. 

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I am currently not charging for sponsorship or personal site advertising as the concept is new to ellie etc, feel free to e-mail me and we can work an arrangement out if you'd like your blog or brand to be advertised on ellie etc.

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for help or advice maybe? ideas and constructive criticism are much appreciated. Or just any other queries.

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As of June 2015, ellie etc will be featuring sponsored collaboration posts. The products, if included, will clearly be marked with a *, along with a disclaimer at the end of the post. All views always have been and always will be my complete personal and honest opinions.

I use AdSense advertisements in several locations. 

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