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SKINCARE | The SmoothSkin Gold IPL

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So I'm gonna get honest, maybe slightly a bit TMI, but bear with me. I have a lot of hair. Not just on my head but underarms, legs, arms, upper lip, toes. Yeah you get the picture. On top of this, it grows soo fast. I'm talking, shaving in the evening and the next day stubble has already appeared. A bit of a joke really. Plus a massive pain in the a*s throughout my teen years. 

Back in the summer I attended Scarlett's #BloggersBall was one of the lucky winners of this weird looking device, a SmoothSkin Gold IPL hair removal device. In simple terms, it uses energy from light to disrupt the hair cycle, minimising growth and altogether preventing it in areas. Pretty great really.

beauty, hair removal, IPL, skincare, smoothskin, SmoothSkin Gold, review,


I've not been as strict with myself as I'd have liked to have been with the first 12 weeks, but despite my laziness there is still a really clear difference. Because my hair is so dark it's be perfect type for IPL treatment as it absorbs a lot of light - this also means there's been a really obvious visual difference to my hair growth. 

Not only this, but I've always been one to suffer from those unsightly grey underarms after shaving. According to a waxer of mine it's due to hairs having deep roots, so shaving leaves these behind causing the grey-ish tint. By nature IPL targets the hair roots, so I've seen a massive difference in this too. 

beauty, hair removal, IPL, skincare, smoothskin, SmoothSkin Gold, review,


It doesn't come cheap, but considering it will last between 10-15 years, and results will just think about all the savings from waxes and shaving? Before winning the SmoothSkin Gold I've spend hours researching permanent hair removal and reduction, scouring Groupon and others for the cheapest deals. Even considering asking for it for Christmas. So if you feel like hair removal is something that's been really on your mind, and getting in the way all the time, I would 100% say go for it. 

ellie x

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