Thursday, 19 September 2013

Back to School: Autumn Wishlist

I realise that too many of my posts seem to start off with apologies, and I'm afraid this post is going to have to continue that theme.. First of all, sorry for starting to slack on posts again, I'm back at college now and I'm finding it very difficult to get back into a working mode so juggling things isn't going too well. And secondly, I know I did promise that I would show you some outfits from my holiday, however I completely forgot to take any proper photos of my outfits so I can't I'm afraid! 

Anyway, onto something (slightly) more positive: my autumn and back to school/college wishlist. Every time summer rolls around again I always think how much I prefer summer clothes. However when all the autumn/winter collections come into the shops, I realise my ultimate love for coats, woolly jumpers, boots, scarves and just autumn/winter clothing in general.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 
I will get this coat! Eventually.. I spotted it on the New Look website a while ago, but I wanted to try it on before I bought it, just because it's the kind of thing that possibly may not suit me or look right on me. However I haven't been able to find it in a store anywhere, and have persisted to spend a ridiculous amount of money. So now I can't afford it, typical! 

The scarf and jumper just both look too cosy to resist. The boots would be too with some nice fluffy socks. Other accessories are just some simple(ish) gold pieces of jewellery and the absolutely gorgeous tan ostrich bag - which is another huge temptation to buy.. My favourite accessory would have to be the hat. I really have a thing about fedora type hats, but I just never feel I have an opportunity to wear one. I don't think they're really appropriate for college?

This is a very rare wishlist which could actually be a complete outfit (if you whacked on some black skinny jeans, or another form of clothing for your lower half!). It is a bit bland, but to be honest you can't really get away from blandness with autumn/winter clothes - but I like the darker and more subtle colours after a bright and colourful summer wardrobe.  

What are your autumn/winter and back to school/college picks? Are you as excited about new autumn/winter collections as I have hyped myself up to be?


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Haul: Turkey Purchases

I'm hooooommeeee!! I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but last week I was off in London doing a cookery course for the week. So now, finally, I am home! It feels so good and relaxing to finally be able to sleep in my own bed, use my own shower, see my family and cat and all of that business. 

I know this may be a bit irritating for some, as I cannot link you to websites where I bought this stuff from. But I feel I have to show you all what I bought from Turkey. As you can see I didn't really budget, or ration my money very well - packing my suitcase to come home was an interesting scene (it had to be sat on and squashed a lot). I'm not going to even pretend to try and remember what each of these cost, but they were all very very much cheaper than from England! 

The gorgeous Michael Kors bag is probably one of my favourite purchases from the holiday. It's my new college bag (although my larger folders don't quite fit it, oops!). As you may have already guessed, every 'brand' featured in this collection of items is fake. However they are all surprisingly good quality. 

I went a bit crazy with the converse. I (accidentally) bought the black pair first - I literally picked them up and turned to my cousin saying 'I quite like these', to which the salesman grabbed my size, pulled off my flip flops and fitted the converse onto my feet. If any of you have been to Turkey or any country similar, you will know just how keen all the shop assistants are that you buy something. By the end of the two weeks I feel I was a pro at bargaining and fending off desperate shop workers, haha! 

I've seen the real version of these sunglasses on several bloggers this summer, so I was thrilled when I found these pair in one of the thousands of sunglasses shops in the area that we were staying. The arm detailing is so chic and slightly retro-looking. I am definitely going to wear them as much as I possibly can for that 'winter sun' look! 

One of the very few reasons I was looking forward to coming home, was honestly so I could wear these beauties! They are ridiculously comfy and cosy and I'm so excited for winter so I can wear them even more often! Both of my cousins (who I went to Turkey with) also got pairs, so we're all matching - and they both love theirs as much as I love mine. 

Along with my cushty slippers, these 'Jack Wills' tracksuit bottoms are part of my new relaxing-at-home outfit. They are also ridiculously comfy! Also peaking in the corner of this photo is my new gorgeous clutch bag. It also has a really cool little twist-lock bit at the front, which honestly is one of the reasons I bought it! What can I say, I'm still a child at heart.

I so easily could have bought hundreds more rings than this, but I managed to stop myself! They're all a (some unknown) material which hasn't yet turned my fingers green which is always a plus. The two little blue hoops are actually earrings, but the clasp broke off both! I am going to take them to my local jeweller and see if they can fix them as they are so pretty. But in the mean time, they actually look really nice as midi rings!
These little beaded necklaces and bracelets are just little souvenirs for myself, the bracelets look especially nice with my gold Casio watch. The necklaces really complement my gold hamsa hand necklace which I wear every day (from Delilah Dust), as they come slightly higher up on my neck, so hang above the hand pendant. 
And of course, I had to do the touristy thing and buy a load of Turkish Delight! Along with lots of Turkish eye bracelets which are absolutely everywhere! To be fair though, the Turkish Delight was a present for my family, and the bracelets presents for my friends. Just little souvenir bits which I think are necessary from any holiday! 

Where have you been on holiday this summer? Have any of you been to Turkey like me? Have any of you been to the Gumbet/Bodrum area, where I went?

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