Monday, 26 August 2013

(Massive) Haul: Recent Purchases Part 4

Here is the final part to my massive haul (I told you it really is massive), you can find Part One HERE, Part Two HERE and Part Three HERE if you want to have a look at any of those. 

This last collection are all my 'coloureds', I love how bright these bits are, well except for the trousers, but you know what I mean. Compared to my other sections of this massive haul, these pieces really are so colourful! 

Pineapple Skirt - H&M (similar here)

More pineapples! I know I've already done the pineapple print top (featured in Part One HERE of this massive haul post), but when I saw this amazing skirt staring at me from the other side of H&M it was love at first sight! It's just so cool, especially with the background of black with white triangles. 

Yellow Stripe Shirt - Monki (similar here)
This shirt, however gorgeous it is, is very see-through but with a black vest top or bralet/bandeau underneath it's all fine. I also think it would look great over a bikini as a kaftan beach cover up type thing. The bright yellow is really very bright, but I love it! It looks good with black or dark grey especially. 

Cross Back Orange Tee - Monki (similar here

I know this picture looks like I'm not really showing you much, but I promise the rest is just a plain t-shirt. But the highlight of it is really the back, which, as you can see in the picture, has a plunge with a crossed strap over. Granted, I have to wear a strapless bra with it, however I think it's worth it, as it's a bit of a spin on a plain t-shirt. Also this top fuels my addiction to bring orange which I mentioned in Part Two HERE. 

Green Mullet Hem Dress - H&M (similar here) // Palm Tree Print Trousers - Red or Dead via BANK (similar here

I swear this mullet hem trend has been going on for aaages now, yet I’ve never really got into it. Until I found myself in H&M, again being drawn towards an item of clothing - this time because of the incredible colour! It's got a sort of wrap style part at the front of the skirt too, which I swear makes my legs look longer along with the high-low hem.

I’ve been after some loose fitting hareem type trousers for such a long time now (and as you’ll know I nabbed some off eBay, which are featured in Part Three HERE). I went to the new shopping village at Whitely a couple of weeks ago with my mum, and in the last shop we went into, tucked away right at the back I found these hiding! Because they’re back and white(ish) they look really great with bright colours, like my orange top featured in Part Two HERE of my massive haul post.

Have any of you been on a shopping spree or got any recent hauls on your blog? I would love to see them so please leave links in the comments! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

(Massive) Haul: Recent Purchases Part 3

And back to my massive haul, it seems to be never ending but it’s almost finished I promise. You can find Part One HERE and Part Two HERE if you want to check either previous post out! 

When this gets posted - I’m being all fancy and clever and doing the auto-post thing again - I will be on holiday in Turkey probably wearing some of these clothes, or possibly a bikini from last weeks post, soaking up the sun! Sorry, I got a bit carried away there, back to the haul. I feel like I’m back to the sophistication with this selection of clothes, maybe not so much as in the first part of my massive haul post though. 

Patterned trousers - River Island via eBay (similar here)

Ooh these are just such beauties, just looking at them makes me happy! I’m back to my old eBay addiction. I started watching these right back when they were first listed and I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to bid or not, but once it got to the last 5 minutes I knew I had to at least try! Now I’m so glad I did bid, because they are so unique and just so cool?!

Patterned shorts - Primark via eBay

I know I’m clashing the prints a bit here, but I had to show you these shorts too. They are originally from Primark, but I got them off eBay because my local Primark had sold out by the time I decided to go and get them! They are nice and lightweight and comfy, so good for on the beach or when it’s hot - I really can’t deal with denim shorts when it’s too hot, they’re just too heavy! The fabric was the real seller for me though, another unique and just really cool print. 

Studded belt - Primark via Charity Shop (similar here)

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the charity shops, and this was just a quick purchase while I nipped in to grab something else. I’m pretty sure it’s also originally from Primark. It looks great with trousers or jeans but also around my waist with a skirt or my new playsuit (featured in massive haul post Part Two HERE).

Off the Shoulder Crop Tops - Amazon (White // Black)

These look much better on than they do off, can I just say! I’ve had the off-the-shoulder crop top from ASOS bookmarked for a while, but could never seem to justify buying one. Then I realised that I had some money left over on an Amazon voucher, and managed to find these two for just over £3 each! I felt for this price I had to get both the black and the white - and also I couldn’t choose between the two. 

Have you done any shopping recently? Which item of my massive haul post is your favourite so far? 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Bikini Haul

This is another post which I have set to be auto-posted while I'm away. I think it's very relevant as well, because it's very likely that I will be wearing one of these while you are reading this! 

As you all must know by now, I'm (currently) off on my holiday to Turkey (I'm sorry for going on about it, it's just so exciting!). About a week or so before I left, I was being super organised and started going through things I was going to pack. It was then that I realised I seemed to be short of swimwear, and due to turkey being generally very hot during the August, I thought it would be pretty essential I added to my collection of bikinis.

(L-R Green Palm Leaf Print - H&M (top/bottoms) // Plain Black - Next (similar) // Leopard Print - H&M)

I decided to hit the sale in H&M first. I'd been in my local store a few times and always found that the selection wasn't so good, and it's always difficult to a find matching set in the correct size! (Because they're all sold separately so always get jumbled up and separated.) So I had a look on their website, which I would definitely recommend because it's so much easier to see what they do and don't have!

That is where I found the lovely green palm leaf printed set as well as the orange and white leopard print top. I only got the top of the leopard print as the matching  bottoms left on the website were all in sizes too big for me and I already own some black bikini bottoms, which I thought will be fine!

Next I had a browse of some other websites, didn't really find anything that caught my eye especially, until I found myself on Next's website. I've often found a few nice bits from Next, so I thought I may as well give it a try! And low and behold, that is where I found the lovely simple (yet effective) black bikini. As I mentioned before I already own some black bikini bottoms so I only bought the top of this one too. I think it will look great with a tan, and is so comfy and easy to chuck on. 

Have you picked up some nice new bikini's recently? I know it's a bit late now, but I'd love to know anyway! 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

(Massive) Haul: Recent Purchases Part 2

Hello and welcome back to my massive haul post! (I felt a bit like a game show host there haha! I really hope some of you get what I mean by that or else I just sound like a bit of a fool!) You can find Part One HERE if you haven’t seen it already! I don’t feel these pieces actually look that nice as a group, but individually they look much better I promise! They don’t look as chic and sophisticated as my last post either, but never mind, I don’t think I’m ready to be totally sophisticated just yet! 

Snake Print Top - River Island (similar here)
This was a sale find, I don’t feel like I’ve got much in the sales this year really, they don’t seem to have been very good near me! Except for this top of course. And a couple of other bits, but we’ll get onto that later! What really sold this one to me was the cool strap/back business. I couldn’t quite work it out to begin with (and I did get a bit tangled up when I tried it on, haha!) but I soon sorted it/myself out and realised just how special it is. 

Hoop Earrings - Republic (similar here) // Orange Vest Top - Zara (similar here)

Back a while ago I mentioned my growing love for hoop earrings (the actual post is here if you’d like a read), and I found these in Republic right by the till and grabbed them literally just as I was putting my card in the machine. I really love how they’re patterned so it makes them a bit more interesting than plain hoops - which I have enough of anyway!

The top I have lusted after for such a long time, not for the style but for the incredible colour! Orange is definitely my favourite colour of the moment, but it has to be a really bright-tangerine-orange, the exact colour of this top! I didn’t try it on as I was so head-over-heels for the colour, when I got it home and did, I realised it’s quite long so is perfect over bikinis. It’s also pretty low cut, but I whacked on a black lace bandeau underneath and it looks great. 

Playsuit - New Look (Similar here)

Looking at this picture I can see just how creased the playsuit and top look! But the playsuit is actually meant to have a crinkle effect, the top easily creases - and me and the iron aren’t the best of friends. This playsuit is a definite for my holiday, it’s so light and airy so I shouldn’t get too hot in it! I also really love the print of the fabric. I’m a sucker for a bit of animal print, but this adds it more subtly, mixing it in with the tie dye. It also came with a plain brown belt to go round the waist (you can just about see the belt hooks) which pulls in the waist a bit more.  

Grey Pumps - Miss Selfridge (Similar here

Another sale find (told you there’d be more)! These are so cute, I’m not really into pumps but when I saw and tried on these they just seemed too perfect not to have. I’m really loving grey (faux) leather at the moment, I’ve been using a grey bag I got from Primark a couple of years ago a lot too recently, I think it’s a very sophisticated colour and a nice alternative to black. 

Have you been shopping recently? Have you even bought something featured in this haul or something similar?

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