Thursday, 30 May 2013

GUEST POST: Ebay Wishlist

Well hello there Ellie etc readers! 

Allow me to introduce myself; my name's Jo and I blog over at Painted Glitter
As Ellie has rescued me mid-exams in the past, I thought it only fair to do a guest post in return in her time of need, so I was delighted to be asked to help out.
So voila, here I am showing you what I have recently been lusting after over on eBay.

I am a huge eBay fan; bargains are my babies so my watch list is more often than not chock-a-block full of things I wish I could justify buying. Here are the goodies currently top of the list.

1 | Shoe boots | £15.99 | here
2 | Floral headband | £5 | here
3 | Coral Aztec skater dress | £11.99 | here
4 | Tortoiseshell retro sunglasses | £3.99 | here
5 | Floral chiffon shirt | £6.99 | here
6 | Oversized tote bag | £23.99 | here
7 | Jelly bow flip flops | £5.99 | here

My ultimate favourites of the lot are the bargain sunglasses, the oversized tote and the flip flops.
The flip flops are so tacky but strangely in a really cute way (please tell me I'm not going mad?!). They come in a range of cute colours too!

As you can probably gasp, this lack of sunshine is really beginning to grind on me, so here's to hoping it will show its face soon!

Have any of these items taken your fancy?
What have you been lusting after on eBay?

Thanks again Ellie for giving me the opportunity to guest post!
Hope I didn't bore you too much!
Feel free to pop over to Painted Glitter and say hello.
I don't bite, promise!

Jo xx

Thank you so much to Jo for this guest post! I love a bit of eBay shopping (as you probably already know), and I absolutely adore Jo's picks, especially the shoe boot heels - which I may have to nab for myself!.The fact that every item is under £25 as well definitely wins brownie points with me! 
Don't forget to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin too! 

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

GUEST POST: How Much Does Your Face Cost?

Hey, My name is Charlotte from Charlie Eterna.. I am writing a post over on this channel because the lovely Ellie asked me too and to be honest with you all.. I owe her big time. Ellie was my first follower on my blog and since that day that she came across my blog we have grown closer and closer, we talk all the time and I don't know where I would be without her. I have been thinking long and hard about this blog post when I saw a tag called 'how much does your face cost' which I thought would be fun to try out.. So here's mine..
Basically all you have to do is take a picture of your makeup you wear on a daily basis including brushes and moisturiser write down the price of each product, add up the total and see how much your face costs. Before I start I also tag all of you bloggers out there to do this tag and let me and Ellie know how much your face costs.

Products and Prices:
* Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation: £27.50
* Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: £3.99
* Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara: SAMPLE
* Estee Lauder Invisible Powder: £29.00
* MUA Blusher Shade 1 Pink: £1.00
* Estee Lauder Idealist: SAMPLE
* Minnie Mouse Brushes: £2.00
* Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: £7.99
* Sleek Blusher: Suede: SAMPLE
* Estee Lauder Eye Shadow: £7.00
* Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser: SAMPLE 
* Maybelline Eye Liner: £7.99
* N'7 Eye Pencil Brown: £3.99
* Topshop Brighten: £7.00
* Beauties Factory Brushes: £8.00

TOTAL: £105.46

When it comes to makeup I don't like to risk it and I would rather spend more money on foundation and lipsticks then buy cheaper ones which I don't feel last as long or are as good quality. I would rather pay more money for good quality products and brushes then to spend even more having to repurchase products in order to get a good looking foundation.

The big question still stands... How much does your face cost?

And before I leave, I would like to thank Ellie for giving me this opportunity and giving me a friendship like no other.

Lots of love Charlie xxxxx

Thank you so much for this great guest post Charlie! Be sure to check out her blog, I've watched it grow from pretty much the start, and it gets better and better each time I click onto it! It has really gone from strength to strength and Charlie is such a lovely girl so don't miss out! Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin too! 

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

OOTD: New-y New-y New-ness

I have finished my AS year, whe-hey! Finally I am into study leave which, as nice as it is, having time off college and all - it is also the countdown to the quickly approaching exams.

Enough of the doom and gloom though, onto the clothes! Almost everything I'm wearing today was from my recent shopping haul (here) - hence the title! Which I may have nicked off the recent E4 adverts but I'm sure they won't mind. 

Grey Jumper - Topshop via Next2Nowt (similar here)
Necklace - H&M via eBay (similar here)
High-waisted Denim Shorts - Levi's via Urban Outfitters 
Black boots - Topshop via Next2Nowt 
My legs have (almost) made an appearance due to the slightly warmer weather unfortunately taking a turn towards typical-English-summer-weather so I've not quite made the leap to bare legs! These are my all time favourite denim shorts, they're vintage Levi's bought from Urban Outfitters several years ago. They're snug as a bug around my waist and bum which I love. My only slight problem with them are that they get a bit tight when I sit down, but that gives me the bit of motivation to tone up and slim down my thighs. 

I have fallen in love with this grey jumper, it's so cosy and soft but not too bulky. I especially love it teamed with the yellow neon necklace. Both of these lovelies were shown in my shopping haul post here, along with my second pair of beautiful Topshop boots! 

Sorry for the short post today, I'm still drowning in college work, and exams are looming at an unnerving pace as I know I have mentioned before. So here's yet another plea for any guest posts, please please please it would really help me out, just drop me an email via: 

Thank you! 

If any of you have exams coming up, I wish absolute the best of luck to you all. They're not at all fun, but they have to be done and eventually they will be over! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

GUEST POST - Style Your Spring: Jewellery

Hi! If you're one of those people who hate change you're probably going to majorly freak out right now. And if you've already guessed that the person behind these last few sentences isn't the lovely Ellie herself, then I congratulate you, because you must therefore be a very frequent reader of ellie etc. Unlike me, most of you reading this have most likely been over here on Ellie's blog for a lot longer than I have. It was only earlier this month after following Ellie's instagram and sending a few messages on kik, that I discovered Ellie's space on the internet. And as you already know, this blog I'm very gratefully writing on, is in fact a lovely little place on the internet and belongs to a very lovely, relatable girl who has very kindly and generously allowed me to write a guest post on here for you lovely readers. No, she didn't pay me to say that! (Woah, How many times did I just say lovely?) If you just went back and counted, I like you... you remind me of myself!  
So here I am; Chloe who writes over at agirlbehindalens about, beauty, fashion, and life.

Anyway... Onto the main bit! Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that most people's spirits have quickly gone up this month? Mine most definitely have because, where I live, THE SUN'S BEEN OUT! And as soon as this happens I get so much more excited about Spring and Summer, and the clogs start turning, as I begin to put outfits together up in my brain (yes, aside from what people may tell you.. I do have one)! The amount of OOTD'S my head stores when the sun comes out is ridiculous, let me tell you. 

Previously, the effort I made on complementing outifts with accessories was basically non existent. I could never find the time to be bothered with the whole jewellery lark, where as now I can! Especially this year, when I like most, if not all of the current trends, I like to mix it up and add my own jewellery and accessories. 

L to R: Aztec blue collar necklace £4 Primark, White and Gold necklace used to be a family members. Sorry guys, I don't know where I got the cuff and bangles from!  I tend to wear both necklaces with a collared or high neck lined top.

If you're one of those people who aren't great with picking statement jewellery, I picked a few of my favourite necklaces and bracelets that I find look good with so many Spring outfits. Even if these aren't available in stores any more I feel that there are so many pieces similar to these now that you'll be able to buy the same sort of thing from pretty much anywhere! At the moment, Accessorize have some really pretty statement jewellery as do Topshop!

L to R: Pink statement cuff New Look, Bead charm bracelet Accessorize

 If you liked this post, be sure to let me know as well as whether the idea of a sequel of "Style Your Spring" posts is a good idea. Feel free to come over to my place (on the internet obviously), the grass can be whatever colour you want it too :)

Thank you so much for this great guest post Chloe! Be sure to check out her blog, which is full of fab posts just like this one, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin too! 

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On another note, if anyone else would like to write me a guest post, please drop me an email at: - it would help me out loads, and one all my exams are over, I will be more than willing to write you one too! Thank you!

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