Tuesday, 26 March 2013

OOTD: Stud Overload

Okay, I'll admit it, calling this an 'OOTD' is a bit of a porky pie.. This is more of a I-Wish-It-Was-An-Outfit-Of-The-Day, except that's a bit of a mouthful. I had planned on wearing this today, in fact for a few days I've wanted to, however the hideous English weather ruined my plans yet again! It's absolutely freeeeezing here at the moment (no snow where I am though, which is a disappointment!), which is never a good temperature to look fashionable in. 

Anyway, moving on from my rambles and onto what I'm sure you much prefer to see/read. This outfit perfectly symbolises my deep love for studs. The studded trend seems to have been around for ages now, yet it still seems to be going strong - especially in my wardrobe. 

Stud Collar Shirt - eBay
Black Vest Top (Under Shirt) - New Look
Grey Skirt - Primark (similar here)
Studded Shoes - Topshop (similar here)
Tights - M&S
Watch - Casio
Studded Clutch - Amazon
Necklace - Gifted

This skirt is a clear winner for me, it's featured on several OOTD posts I've done - it just somehow manages to go with everything?! As you can see one of my new studded clutches from my post here, has made it's debut in an OOTD post! I actually prefer the black version, and have used that version for several evenings out. So I thought I'd give the grey one a chance to shine, and I've got to say it's growing on me! 

The shirt was such a bargain, I absolutely love it - as I'm pretty sure I've said before! It's quite large though (I think it only came in 'One Size') but it makes it great to tuck into skirts, shorts or jeans. The trusty Topshop slipper-pumps have made a sneaky appearance again. Although they're starting to rub my little toes slightly, so I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to wear the beauties anymore!

I'm often late at picking up on trends, so what do you think - is the stud trend is still going strong? Or do you think it's way past it's sell-by-date? Let me know by commenting below!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Essie Shades

Both Xtras-Online - left here; right here

First off, let me tell you all about this AMAZING website where I found these beauties! It's one of those discount beauty websites going by the name of Xtras-Online. It sells hundreds of famous brands for discounted prices - and when I say discounted, I mean discountedThese two Essie polishes for example £3.99 a pop! The RRP being £9.95, this is not a deal to be missed! Plus, the postage is free for orders over £10 so even more reason to grab yourself some bargains. 

So these two particular polishes I picked up are such cute spring shades, you may have already seen the picture on my Instagram if you're following me (if not there's a link at the side or at the bottom of this post!). 

The nude shade on the left is called 'A Crewed Interest' and the lilac shade on the right is called 'To Buy Or Not To Buy'. I've instantly fallen in love with both of these shades, Essie is such a lovely brand and the quality is as brilliant as always!

What are your favourite Essie colours? Or favourite Spring nail polish colours in general? Any recommendations for Spring colours or other Essie shades? Comment below and let me know! 

Also please check out my post about the changes with GFC here

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Topshop Spring Wishlist

Oh Topshop, yet again you make me want to spend every penny to my name.. Why do your clothes have this effect on me?! I'm pretty sure my bank account is worried for it's well being right now, the temptation to buy so many things is absolutely ridiculous.. 

Here are my particular spring favourites, however it's so difficult to chose, if I could, I'd have everything!
And I know, I know, my last post was all about my new pair of Joni Jeans (check it out here if you haven't already!) but I just would reeeaally like another pair.. Please?

Anybody bought anything lovely from Topshop recently? Or are you more like me and wishing you could buy all the lovely things in their current collection?! 

Friday, 8 March 2013

OOTD: Joni Jeans

I know these have been EVERYWHERE recently, the majority of you probably own a pair or something very similar. However I'm still in the honeymoon phase from my purchase of these babies - still so crazily in love with them! And I know, I know, this is what everyone says, but hey, whatever, I don't care, I'm in love. 

Top - Motel via Charity Shop (similar here)
Jeans - Topshop via eBay
Upper-Arm Bangle - Gifted 
Necklace - Gifted
I've been after some properly high waisted jeans for aaaages, I've looked at the American Apparel 'Easy-Jean' many times, however American Apparel prices are wayyy past of my bank account balance! 

So upon finding these super high waisted pair in Topshop during one of my daily browses - I knew I had to get me some Jonis! As you may or may not know, I am the type who cannot resist a bargain, so I immediately checked out eBay. Long story short, I probably should have just brought the full price ones, as I didn't get quite as good a bargain as I'd hoped. BUT, I got the infamous Joni Jeans! 

This is a pretty simple outfit as I wanted the main focus to be on the jeans! I've whacked on my faux-leather jacket and black boots with this. You may recognise the top from my Charity Shop Haul post, its such a cool print and looks so great with these jeans - as does just about everything else! 

I could honestly just write pages of lists of reasons why I love them!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Studded Clutches

Recently I have received an Amazon voucher of a very generous amount. Now, I am a very, and I mean very indecisive person, especially when it come to vouchers and what I should spend them on. What with Amazon being such a massive store selling hundreds of products from hundreds of different brands, it has made the task even more difficult!

But finally I managed to find something (well two things to be precise) which caught my eye enough to lure me to the infamous 'Add To Basket' button. What were these amazing pieces might you ask? They would be these two great studded clutch bags!

Buy from Amazon here
I've never really been one to go for clutch bags, in fact I've never actually owned one before. But after becoming totally immersed in the world of blogging and wishing I looked like the amazing glamorous type who carry clutch bags almost constantly - I felt it was time. 

These two are great for the current stud trend, and I think they'll easily stay in fashion once the whole stud scene has faded away. They are big enough to fit in an iPad (hence my iPad making it's debut appearance!), which is always great as it means the double as iPad cases! And the best part is they were only £9.99 each?! What kind of crazy price is that?! 

So they had to be made mine. 

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