Hi! If you're one of those people who hate change you're probably going to majorly freak out right now. And if you've already guessed that the person behind these last few sentences isn't the lovely Ellie herself, then I congratulate you, because you must therefore be a very frequent reader of ellie etc. Unlike me, most of you reading this have most likely been over here on Ellie's blog for a lot longer than I have. It was only earlier this month after following Ellie's instagram and sending a few messages on kik, that I discovered Ellie's space on the internet. And as you already know, this blog I'm very gratefully writing on, is in fact a lovely little place on the internet and belongs to a very lovely, relatable girl who has very kindly and generously allowed me to write a guest post on here for you lovely readers. No, she didn't pay me to say that! (Woah, How many times did I just say lovely?) If you just went back and counted, I like you... you remind me of myself!  
So here I am; Chloe who writes over at agirlbehindalens about, beauty, fashion, and life.

Anyway... Onto the main bit! Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that most people's spirits have quickly gone up this month? Mine most definitely have because, where I live, THE SUN'S BEEN OUT! And as soon as this happens I get so much more excited about Spring and Summer, and the clogs start turning, as I begin to put outfits together up in my brain (yes, aside from what people may tell you.. I do have one)! The amount of OOTD'S my head stores when the sun comes out is ridiculous, let me tell you. 

Previously, the effort I made on complementing outifts with accessories was basically non existent. I could never find the time to be bothered with the whole jewellery lark, where as now I can! Especially this year, when I like most, if not all of the current trends, I like to mix it up and add my own jewellery and accessories. 

L to R: Aztec blue collar necklace £4 Primark, White and Gold necklace used to be a family members. Sorry guys, I don't know where I got the cuff and bangles from!  I tend to wear both necklaces with a collared or high neck lined top.

If you're one of those people who aren't great with picking statement jewellery, I picked a few of my favourite necklaces and bracelets that I find look good with so many Spring outfits. Even if these aren't available in stores any more I feel that there are so many pieces similar to these now that you'll be able to buy the same sort of thing from pretty much anywhere! At the moment, Accessorize have some really pretty statement jewellery as do Topshop!

L to R: Pink statement cuff New Look, Bead charm bracelet Accessorize

 If you liked this post, be sure to let me know as well as whether the idea of a sequel of "Style Your Spring" posts is a good idea. Feel free to come over to my place (on the internet obviously), the grass can be whatever colour you want it too :)

Thank you so much for this great guest post Chloe! Be sure to check out her blog, which is full of fab posts just like this one, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin too! 

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On another note, if anyone else would like to write me a guest post, please drop me an email at: purpleellie@hotmail.co.uk - it would help me out loads, and one all my exams are over, I will be more than willing to write you one too! Thank you!