Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Haul: Feeling A Little Blue

I really need to stop shopping, my birthday money will soon be gone, but my wardrobe is just begging for an update! Also eBay has yet again been calling my name, oops! The title really just refers to the slight blue-y theme of this haul - I'm actually feeling pretty much the opposite of blue to be honest! 
Blue Clutch - River Island (similar) // Peach Melba and Matte Vanilla Nail Varnish - Barry M // Midi Skirt - ASOS via eBay (similar) // Teal Jumper - Miss Selfridge // Black Sheer Shirt - ASOS Marketplace (similar) // Monochrome Leggings - River Island via eBay (similar) // Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - Boots // Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion - The Body Shop
I finally have got myself a midi skirt, I've never been sure whether to take the plunge. However when I found this beauty on eBay, with it's amazing and unique print, I was hooked into a bidding war for it. I was actually surprised that I won it for such a good price (around £10 I think it was). 

The monochrome leggings were another eBay bargain, I'd been watching them for such a long time, and I used to check up on them everyday. So when it came down to the final few minutes, I knew they just had to be mine! Haha, see how serious this shopping/eBay addiction is getting?!

The real bargain from this little collection is definitely the lovely baby blue clutch bag. I spotted it hiding amongst the other bags in River Island, the last one left. It was reduced from £15 to £8 already, which is a bargain in itself, but it had a couple of black marks (which I managed to scrub off with nail varnish remover when I got home). With the discount from the marks, I managed to get the beauty for £4! £4?!?!? So I'm very pleased with that one. 

I've picked up a few beauty bits recently too, some of which I have shown in this haul. I will definitely be doing proper reviews of all the bits, especially the Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion! Possibly the Stay Matte foundation too. The two Barry M nail polishes have easily become two new favourites, the grey colour being one of the new matte range. 

Have you bought anything lovely recently? Have you written a recent haul post? Let me know and leave your links below! 

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OOTD: Greeease Lightninggg

I'm channelling Grease a bit with this one, I think it's the off the shoulder top. To be precise it's actually a dress but it's definitely one made for much much smaller people than me, it's minuscule! Despite that, I absolutely love it as a top. It's a way of showing a bit of skin but still look pretty conservative. It's also perfect to dress up or down, I've worn it recently on a night out with a grey skater skirt, the same green belt and black heels. 

Off-the-Shoulder Top/Dress - Amazon
High Waisted 'Joni' Jeans - Topshop
Green Belt - Miss Selfridge (similar)
Brown Pumps - Topshop via Next2Nowt
Chain Necklace - Accessorize (similar)
I've whacked out the high waisted jeans again, but I've put on so much weight recently that they are a tad too snug now (wahhhh :(). But I'm getting back on track with eating more healthily and exercising more regularly, so I hopefully should have that sorted out soon enough! 

It's got so much colder suddenly, so I definitely needed a jacket with this outfit. I'm completely in two about winter drawing in - on one hand I can't wait for snuggling in front of the fire, big cosy jumpers and of course Christmas! But then on the other hand, I'm still craving my tan from the summer, feeling the heat from the sun and summer clothes. 

Are you excited for the winter months? Or would you still prefer it to be summer?

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Haul: Happy (Belated) Birthday To Meeeeeeee!

So this Sunday was my 18th birthday! Yayyyy!!! Sorry I'm still just very excited about the novelty of finally being 18, as well as just being on a bit of a high from all the birthday celebrations! I have been a very very lucky girl and have received lots of lovely presents, some of which I thought I'd share with you! I'm not in any way at all trying to show off about these, I am so grateful for everything I've been given! 

I had an amazing birthday weekend, kicking off with seeing Sub Focus with two of my friends on Friday night. It was such an incredible night, live music of pretty much any kind is one of my absolute favourite things! Then on Saturday I had a relaxed day, shopping with my cousin and having my first ever experience of YO! Sushi. The food was delicious and I will definitely be returning for many more visits! On Saturday night I had a party with family and friends, which some how turned into me, my cousins and friends going out to a few bars at 12 o'clock so technically it was my birthday. Sunday was my actual birthday so me and my family went out for cocktails and then came home for cake and a relaxed evening in! 

I know these white IKEA pots are just about everywhere on Instagram, but they're just so pretty I'm so happy I've got my hands on some of my own! I think I'll use them for my nail varnish and make up. 

I'm absolutely in love with all the jewellery I received. What makes it extra special is that I didn't specifically ask for the majority of it - it's lovely to know how well my family and friends know me and what I like, I guess many of them have had 18 years to get to know me! 

As it's half term next week I've got lots of plans, I'm just so much more excited for everything now I'm 18. Is that really weird, or did any of you feel the same way when you turned 18?

And finally a HUGE thank you to everyone who made my birthday weekend this year so special and so good. I love you all! 

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Monday, 14 October 2013

All Matte Nothin' Else

HOW AMAZINGLY COOL IS THIS NAIL POLISH?! I can't get over how good it looks, just been staring at my hands a bit more than a normal/sane person should, haha! I don't think the pictures do it justice though, it so much more matte and so much cooler in person! I do have a little confession though, it's not actually my nail polish (wahhh :(). My fabulous cousin is staying with us while she does an internship, so it's borrowed off her - I'm definitely sold on it though. 

Matte Top Coat - H&M // Lilac 'Berry Ice Cream' - Barry M 
It's just a top coat, so I thought I'd go simple with my first experiment with it by just using this lilac Barry M number underneath (which matches my new theme hehe). The only slight little niggle I have with it, is that it seems to wear off quite quickly. I took these pictures a couple of days ago and they're looking a tad shiny now today. However for H&M, and only a few pounds (I'm not sure on the exact price), I'm not too bothered. Nothing another coat won't fix! 

I'm literally off right now to go and try out different colours and experiment with it a bit more. I'm thinking matte black base layer, and then a french tip of shiny black - being the cool chic gal that I am! 

Have you blogged about any matte nail polish you've experimented with? Or do you have any ideas for more experiments I can do with this top coat? Let me know below and usual! 

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